Saturday, February 1, 2014

Getting Ready for Winterfest

Ahhhh, February is here. I'm feeling better now. It's supposed to be above zero today.

I took my camera with me into town. On the way into town I stopped at the Fat Chicken Feed Store to pick up my mail. We don't have mail delivery in Winton, so we all have a P.O. Box in the Fat Chicken.

I pulled over once I got to Ely to show you how they prepare the snow blocks for the Winter Festival snow sculptures. They fill these big, wooden boxes with snow and then let them sit for a few days to compact. The carvers will begin carving on Friday this next week.

On my way to the grocery store I saw a "dog truck". This is how dog mushers haul their dogs. This is actually a rather small truck. The racers or sled dog trip outfitters have double-decker trucks.

The Ely Art Walk will begin next week as well as the Winter festival. About 100 artists put new artwork in the windows of downtown Ely stores for a two week outdoor show. I have four pieces going in. Here's one of them.

My fabric arrived!!! I'm making new curtains for the Scamp to spiff it up for our two-week vacation at the end of April. I also picked out paint color for the cupboard doors. I'm going to paint them the second color from the top.

I had to make a path to the Scamp, though. Poor thing. It's all dirty, too because Steve took it deer hunting in November. It will get a nice bath once the snow melts in June or so (ha!).

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