Thursday, January 23, 2014

Steve Caught a Trout

We're still sitting in the deep freeze. As I write this it's -23 Fahrenheit and will warm up to -5 today. Opening of trout fishing season was last weekend, and Steve went out fishing on Friday and Saturday. Look at this lake trout!

We ate half of it the first night and half the second. I gave you a fantastic recipe for how to cook a lake trout. Here it is again in case you missed it. The hardest part is catching the fish.

Look at our boat! You can see a tiny bit of it peeking out from the snowbank at the bottom center of the photo. That tan building is the old Border Lakes Outfitting building. It's owned by the bank now and they intend to tear it down. We're hoping to get one of the old Tamarak burl posts out of it first to put in our new gazebo.

See how deep the snowbanks are? The two deer are in the road. They have to climb the bank to get to the bird seed.

We see this a lot.

I have a show in Duluth March 23 called "Treasures of the Earth". This time I reserved a 9x8 foot space. I've been trying to figure out how to configure the space since I normally just reserve one 8 foot table. I found some grid paper to map out a few layouts. Maybe in February it will warm up enough that I can actually set up a few tables and play with the arrangement. I'm just looking for above zero. Really.

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