Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sitting in the Deep Freeze

Really. We've been waking up to -35 every morning and the high temperature yesterday was -13. As I write this at 11:00 a.m. on New Year's Day, it is -20. The dog is going batty. Everyone is going batty. Steve just went out for a walk; he says it's not too bad in the woods. We'll just let him think that.

This is Steve when he got back from his walk at 12:30 in the afternoon.

I know a lot of you are sitting at -2 or maybe 10. These days when we get up to those temperatures we take off our hats, coats, and gloves and spend the whole day outside (we leave on our boots). Everyone goes outside! We fill the bird feeders, throw Frisbee for the dog, ski around the bay of our lake, shovel a little snow, bring in some more wood, go ice fishing. Have you ever tried to ice fish when it's -20? Not worth it.

Last night we had a big treat! Crab legs for dinner! That's Steve cooking the legs in boiling water.

I learned a trick from my friend, Sherri, when I visited her in Alaska. You lay out newspapers on the table so that you can just toss the shells in the center.

I saved the shells and am making seafood broth right now. We were invited over to some friends for Christmas dinner and I got to take home the turkey bones! I made two batches of broth and have it tucked away in the freezer.

I've been preparing to enter a juried show this summer, so once again I've been trying to get good photos of some of my pieces. I borrowed Dafne's macro lens (we have the same camera body) and the new photos turned out really nice! Here are two pieces you haven't seen yet that I'll include in the photos for the judges.

A lot of times it takes years to get into some of these shows, so we'll see what happens. I'm working at getting into the Park Point show in Duluth this June.

This afternoon I plan to finish a piece I started earlier in the week. I'm getting a few pieces finished and ready for the Ely Art Walk in February. I keep the heat in the studio at 48 and when I'm working, I turn it up to 58. Once I start working and I have the torch going and all of the lights on, it warms up to 62 or so. Cozy.

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