Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Dog is Wearing Boots and Bracelets

It's been very cold for a while. Right now it's -24 and it's expected to warm up to 0. (That's Fahrenheit.) Tansy's feet hurt when she steps on snow this cold, so we've been putting on her boots to take her out. Normally she hangs out outside all day, but not these days.

We've taught her not to bark at deer when she's in the house, but I wouldn't have blamed her if she had barked at these. I took this photo from the back window by the wood stove.

The deer in the front of the photo is actually inside the fenced in dog yard. I let Tansy out and she chased them away, but then her feet were cold so she had to come back inside. Click on the photos to zoom in - the deer in the background is an 8-point buck! Good thing the freezer is already full.

I had a nice birthday. Steve brought home some GOOD wine and I made potstickers for a treat. I even made the wrappers because I didn't have any store-bought ones. I liked using my homemade wrappers because they were very pliable and wrapped around the filling better.

The dipping sauces were a hot honey mustard and soy sauce with chili oil, ginger, and scallions. YUM! Here's my recipe for making potstickers.

I took some photos yesterday of bracelets and necklaces that had not yet made it to my Etsy shop. They are in my shop now. Here are two of the bracelets. The top one is made from recycling a vintage serving platter, and the bottom one is copper.

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