Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Trip into Town and Jewelry Designing

First I want to show you Tansy's feet after a run. I've been throwing her Frisbee on the lake; and because we have 18 inches of snow on top of that four inches of ice, there is a big slush layer. Her booties turn into ice balls.

I take them off and put them by the wood stove to dry. It takes all day to dry, though.

I took my camera with me into town yesterday. First I stopped by Tara's shop, Warm and Cozy Clothing Rental. She rents warm clothes to people coming in for dog sledding. They buy the base layers and can rent the fleece and outer shell. She's modeling one of the hats her aunt makes. That's Leo. He's just over one year old.

Next I went to see Dafne at her new store, The Art Corner. I needed a new notebook because I keep using scraps of paper to design jewelry pieces, but I think it would be fun to keep them all in a notebook instead.

The notebook I had in the studio wasn't spiral bound, so my stones kept sliding off. I needed the notebook to lay flat. Here is a photo of my latest piece and the process (you can see the first design was ripped out of the book that didn't lay flat). And you can see that my new notebook is bigger, so I can play with the design several ways on the same sheet of paper.

The bottom stone in the piece was a stone given to me by a stone cutter. I would never have chosen this stone because I didn't know how to set it. I pondered it a while and set it like you see above, which then led to the design I'm working on below.

A lot of times these pieces change a little once I start actually making them. They always start with a stone or two or three and some drawings to figure out how they look together. It's looking good on paper, so I'll be working on this one today.

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