Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Rug in the Studio and My Birthday Sparkle

We've had a little snowstorm over the last couple of days. Here's Tansy after a little Frisbee play in the snow!

I have to put my boots on to get to the studio now and I've been tracking in snow and leaving little puddles on the floor. Last night we brought out an area rug we used to have by the wood stove. It had a couple of burn marks (when Tansy was little we called her "Cinderella" because she would sneak chunks of charcoal from the wood stove and spit them out on the rug if they were hot) but that's no problem for the studio.

Here's looking the other way. Look at my wall of necklaces! If you visit my studio, you can sit in that comfy chair.

I knew the storm was coming so I snuck out on Monday and got our Christmas tree. We put the tree on the side table by the love seat in the living room. It's not big, but neither is our house. This is just the right amount of lights and tree for me.

When you go into the woods to get a tree, their branches are a little whimsical - not like the perfect, full trees you find in the tree lots.

My birthday is on Thursday, so I decided to make myself something sparkly. I didn't know what I was going to make, but I knew it had to be very sparkly. As I was pawing through my rock stash, the most sparkly stone of all jumped out of the bin. I kind of forgot that I bought it in Santa Fe last spring. See, these stones just hide out until they know it's time. They call these stones "druzy" because of all the sparkles in the center. This one has been treated with titanium to enhance the sparkle.

I made some earrings to wear with it, too.

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