Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Stones are Funny and FREE SHIPPING in my Etsy Shops

Steve has been gone deer hunting in Wisconsin with Wade for five days. They're on their way home now. While they've been gone I've been working hard again at Spanish. I found that it works best to do a lesson while I'm doing something inane like cleaning the top of the stove. The stove is really clean now (so is the floor and the woodwork and the bathroom and the chairs and the wood stove).

I spent a lot of time in the studio this last week. The rocks were acting silly. Sometimes they pop up and demand to be made into something. I pretend I'm not listening or that I don't know what they are talking about. But then I say, "Okay, then, but you'd better tell me what you want to be." This was the silliest one.

The stone just wouldn't stay in the box. Even when I was in a different part of the room, it was peeking at me. Then it wanted to be on this asymmetrical piece of copper. I like it.

I know, you're thinking I've been alone too long. But November isn't even over yet. The winter has only just begun. Why in the world are the rocks talking to me already? I don't mind, though. Look what this one wanted to be.

And then I had a few stones that just wanted to be in a simple setting. This stone is just too cool to muck it up with other things. It's called "rain forest jasper."

I've had this sugilite stone for a little while and didn't know what I was going to do with it. This weekend it popped up and just wanted to be simple and small. I added a bit of brass at the top. It's really, really nice. It could be my favorite in that I would wear it every day.

Here is an Imperial Jasper stone. This one wanted to be a little fancier. The accent stones are peridot and citrine. The wave is red brass.

Finally, I had a gorgeous piece of Stitchtite in Atlantisite stone. No way would this one be in a simple setting. It's not finished yet. It will get a cord of amethyst and something green. I set the big stone on red brass and the wave at the top is sterling silver. The small stones are peridot and the larger accent stone is a purple faceted cubic zirconium. I'll have a better photo when it's finished.

Just in case you thought that's all I did, I worked on some more of those fun necktie purses, too. (And I watched The Godfather II - did you know that is a four hour movie?)

All of these and more will be at the Miner's Dry Holiday Fantasy show this Saturday. If you want to beat the rush, I have free shipping in BOTH Etsy shops through the holidays. My Jewelry Etsy Shop is just free shipping without you having to do anything. In my Textile Etsy Shop you have to enter the code HOLIDAY2013 at checkout to get the free shipping. Oh and remember to ask me about things you know I have like $20 earrings and those recycled vintage serving platter bracelets and rings. They'll be at the show this weekend, but I don't always get things like that on line.

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