Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cooking a Grouse and Signature Piece

The garden is now tucked in for the winter. Steve planted the garlic a few weeks ago and mulched over the top. Last weekend we dug up the rosemary plant and moved it into the house. We're also trying to keep some oregano and thyme alive for a few months.

This is my little corner next to the wood stove. Look how huge the rosemary is!! We had to use a big, metal pot for it. I'll look for a nicer tray for underneath. I'm sitting in that chair right now as I write this.

Here is sunrise over the garden. (You can see the kale on the left.)

We still have Brussels sprouts in the garden and we're pulling a stalk maybe twice a week. We also have a bit of kale left that I can pick.

Last night we had the most amazing dinner. Steve went grouse hunting on Sunday and got one! We had grouse, Brussels sprouts and little baked squash for dinner. Here's how to cook a grouse.

Cooking a Grouse

1 Grouse (or pheasant or chicken breasts or Cornish game hen)
1/2 onion chopped fine (or two shallots chopped fine)
2 Tablespoons butter
1 tsp salt
1 cup white wine
1/2 cup heavy cream

We removed the skin from the grouse.

In a medium sauce pot, saute the onions in the butter and salt until they are translucent. Add the wine to the pot and nestle the grouse in the pot, breast side up. Put a lid on the pot and let it simmer very slowly for about 30 minutes. You will need to cook longer for larger cuts of meat. When the bird is done (juices run clear when you pierce the flesh) remove it from the pot. Whisk the cream into the sauce and let it simmer a little to reduce it to a nice sauce consistency. We don't eat wheat, so I didn't add any flour to thicken the sauce. Thinner sauce is just fine.

This weekend is deer hunting opener. We're hoping to get at least two deer this year to fill the freezer. Three would actually be best so we don't have to ration it during the year. Steve and I both have a tag and he'll also head to Wisconsin in late November to try for one there.

I've been busy in the studio. I worked on a very complicated piece.

I was soldering the LAST little bezel and I melted down the entire left side. Argghh!! I had to take it all apart without melting anything else and remake the bezel for the left side, and then attach everything again. I also made the clasp, which is a box clasp with a carnelian stone embellishment.

The stones in this piece are Lahatonite on the bottom, agate on the top, hawk's eye in the middle, and then I peppered it with three small garnets and a peridot stone. The cord is made from blood stone and moss agate. It's very large, but doesn't feel heavy due to the open spaces between the stones.

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