Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Musings from our Trip out East

We visited friends out in Connecticut last week. They live 1.5 hours from Boston and 1.5 hours from the train that takes you into New York City. We went to Boston on Sunday to see the New England Aquarium.

The best part of the day was finding a Cambodian restaurant just north of Boston. It was the best food I've eaten in a long, long time - including when we visited Italy last year.

Sherri and Bob have a beautiful 40 acre farm. They have six horses, a dog, Rocky, and two kitties.

On Tuesday Sherri dropped us off at the Metro North train in New Haven, CT. They were a little worried about the train schedule because there had been a power outage and the trains were only running at 30% capacity. We had no trouble getting on a train quickly which took us right into Grand Central Station.

We got to the city in the early afternoon and we were hungry, so we found the Halal Guys on 53rd and 6th (that's the cart you have to find - all others are imitations). Look! They still have phones.

We found a bench to sit on to eat our food and people watch. This is right in Rockefeller Center.

After lunch we walked through Times Square to get to the Port Authority Bus Terminal where we caught our bus to Weekawken, New Jersey. Here is the exterior of the house - our apartment was on the very top floor (where you see the windows open).

This is the view of Manhattan from our windows inside the apartment.

The bus stopped right outside the apartment and cost $3.00 to get to Times Square. Without traffic it only took about 15 minutes. We did catch traffic a couple of times heading into the city toward evening during the crunch of rush hour. I noticed that the curbs in NYC are steel. No wonder with all of the traffic trying to squeeze themselves in there, they hit those curbs. Without steel they'd have to fix them every two minutes.

You know what? The city is stinky. Everywhere we went we caught whiffs of not good smells. I expected Venice to be stinky last year and it wasn't. I didn't think about New York being stinky, and it was.

We saw the NYC Ballet on Tuesday night at Lincoln Center. It was a good experience, but I think we are not quite sophisticated enough to get the full excitement from an exquisite turn of the wrist.

I was very proud of us figuring out the subway. We rode everywhere and never once chose the wrong direction or train. It pays to study maps before you go! Our favorite area was Union Square. We went there Wednesday morning to see the farmers' market. I heard the chefs go to the market to choose their produce.

I booked us a dinner reservation at Obao in Hell's Kitchen for our anniversary. The food was good and the atmosphere was great fun! The food was just good, not outstanding. I had wanted to try Gordon Ramsey's restaurant until I saw that the price for dinner was $285 per person (if you wanted wine you added another $175 per person). Who lives like that?!

Thursday we headed to Fifth Avenue, Madison Ave., and Park Avenue. Again, who lives like that? This is what the storefronts looked like. We didn't even walk into a store.

I bought some new glasses in a fun store over by Union Square. Next week I'll get my eyes checked and then I'll get some new lenses. I'm pretty excited about that!

Back in Connecticut. Whew. We spent the day poking around little farm stands and had a fantastic time picking raspberries!

And who could visit New England and not have lobster? We had some lobster on Thursday evening at Sherri and Bob's house. Yum!

Now we're back home. We are very happy that this is where we chose to live. We love our little house and our garden and our dog and our hot tub and our lake and our stove and winter.

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