Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Girls' Day and New Photos (again)

Last weekend I taught a class for middle school girls called "Scrap Metal Jewelry". A group in town hosted a day-long creative day for girls and I had ten girls in the morning and then ten in the afternoon.

Look at what the morning class made! I was so impressed. We started with steel washers and added bits of aluminum cans and scraps of copper and wire.

Here is me (on the far right) along with other artists who taught workshops.

Meanwhile, we had some cloudy, rainy days this week and I worked again at getting better photos of my jewelry. I'm back to studying the camera to get the right shots at the right exposure. I also changed the backdrop. I just was struggling with the black background and getting the jewelry to pop out without also popping the backdrop.

So, here are a few new photos. I like them! I put a whole bunch of jewelry in my Etsy shop. All of my rings are now there along with some new earrings and necklaces. I'm feeling ready now for the holiday season.

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  1. Fantastic! I, too, love their creations...and it should go without saying that I LOVE your new creations too! Hey - I'm nominating you for a Liebster Award! Check out my blog tomorrow! :)