Monday, September 9, 2013

Harvest Moon is Already Over

The Harvest Moon Festival was this last weekend. We had beastly hot weather on Friday, which prompted a fix for Saturday. We hauled the Scamp battery to the park along with a 12 volt fan and a solar charger. The fan ran all day keeping my booth cooler. Whew.

Sunday was perfect! The high was in the 60's with little glimpses of sun, but not too much. I had set up the umbrella on Friday and Saturday but both days it blew down. I then staked it down. We'll have to figure out a better method. Here we are setting up the tent on Thursday evening.

By Sunday I finally figured out how to configure the jewelry on the back wall of the tent.

Here's the booth from the front showing the jewelry - purses were all along the right side.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I painted the Adirondack chairs a nice burgundy color. This is the entrance to my studio. We still need finishing touches like siding, but I'm not stressed about that. We did put a screen door on last weekend.

I've been wanting to show you the piece of steel sculpture I bought at the Blueberry Festival. It was the perfect size for the new gate area. Next spring I'll stain the posts and it will be perfect!

It's raining today so I'm going to spend the day going through inventory and getting some photos of my new work that has not yet been in my Etsy shop. This was my last big show, so it's time to build up the shop!

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