Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer, Ick

Seriously. Tell me again why people like summer? Ick. I'm skipping the market again tonight due to these crazy hot temps. I can't stand it. If I went to the market I would just scowl at people. Not good for sales.

While still not finished, the gazebo is functional. Here it is as you face our house from the street. The garage is on the left, the house is to the right. It will get shingles soon and cedar siding along the bottom. Those stumps are from the maple trees that fell onto the old screen house last summer. We cut down the trees last fall.

My neighbor had two chairs that had been in storage for 20 years. He gave them to me! I washed them up and bought new cushions. I also picked up a couple of blond end tables from the 2nd Chance Consignment store in Ely. Pretty nice! The green thing is a citronella candle in case bugs want to come in from the unfinished parts of the roof. So far, so good.

I showed you photos of my new studio, but now that I've moved in and am actually working in there, look how it looks now! (I'm not working in there with this heat. I broke a sweat this morning simply sawing a 12 gauge piece of wire and quit.)

I found that cute, small side chair also at the 2nd Chance Consignment store. Now I have a cozy spot to rest or for a visitor. Here's my work bench with the actual tools on it. Not as pristine as the first time I showed you the bench! I still need to secure the cords from the task lighting and the new stereo so that it is more tidy.

Here is a new piece that I finished last week. I am in the process of figuring out how to make the wire stay straight without it sliding back and forth. For this one I just bent the wire straight up.

Ahh, at least we have the lake.

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  1. Oh I'm not looking forward to the Summer time here either, it's going to be awful :( Least you have your lovely gazebo to relax in!!