Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rock Picking

We took a little vacation to the south shore of Lake Superior in Upper Michigan. We thought it might be nice to try a sun shower. Usually we clean up in a bucket or something. Here we hung a tarp and hung the sun shower from a tree. Instead of waiting for the sun to warm up the water, I added a pot of hot water from the tea kettle.

On our way to our favorite beach we stopped in Munising for smoked fish. We found this outstanding fish place, Captain Ron's. Look at their smoke house!

Ahhh, the beach. Tansy sure had fun. Steve threw her Frisbee up the sand dunes.

Look at these stones!

We love the south shore of Lake Superior because the stones tumble differently than they do on the north shore. The north shore has craggy rocks.

Here are some of our favorites lined up on the picnic table.

And here is what they look like wet - this was in the morning when dew was covering everything.

That's why I like to polish them. When the rocks are wet (or polished) you can see all of the colors in the stones. If they aren't polished, they don't look that special. Here are a few of the colored rocks that are wet and then some rocks that I "oiled".

I'll tell you the real story about the "oiled" rocks. We were eating some hard salami and I picked up a rock. The oil on my fingers from the salami colored the rock. Then I got excited and did a couple more to experiment. I guess I could make these into necklaces and you could use them to keep your dog close by. I could even market them that way!

Actually, I'm working on experimenting with mineral oil in the studio to see if I like that. Mineral oil is inert, which will be better in the long run, I think. Other rocks will begin the long, slow process of tumble polishing. It normally takes at least three weeks to tumble polish rocks. That's three weeks of 24/7 running the tumbler. Because Lake Superior already tumbled these to a smooth shape, I can skip a good week or so and go right into the shiny polish stages.

Ah, nothing like a camp fire and happy hour.

I found some sparkly rocks that will not need polishing. One of them called out to me to become a necklace. Here is the first piece of jewelry out of my new studio! I'll get a better photo this week. I wish you could see the sparkles in this stone. I'll be attaching a cord to finish the piece.


  1. What gorgeous rocks you found!

    1. Pick a day to come over and I'll show them to you!

    2. Pick a day to come over and I'll show them to you!

    3. Pick a day to come over and I'll show them to you!