Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm IN the Studio!

The inside of the studio is finished I moved in! Look at my pretty door. I also painted the garage door the same color. We have a cute little vestibule there now where we can hang out in lawn chairs. Final project for the studio will be the siding.

We stained the siding last weekend. Much easier to stain it before you put it on the structure. Next spring I'll stain the garage again but in a darker color. That way the studio will be a little beacon of happy lightness.

I had Wade build me a nice bench. It's eight feet long. I stained it yesterday morning and am waiting for the stain to dry before I set it up with tools and my soldering station.

Look at my new cabinet!! I found it at a garage sale and it is the perfect cabinet to store my supplies. I also made a "nice" wall where I have jewelry that I made on display as well as a couple of my paintings.

The cork board hides the old garage window! Now when I go to the market I can just grab the earring carousel, my little table and a few necklaces off the wall. That blue box is where the thermostat will go. The electrician stopped by yesterday and said he'd install it next week when we're back home.

I'm packing the Scamp today for a little road trip to Upper Michigan's Pictured Rocks Lakeshore. We're going to hang out on the beach looking for fun stones. I also want to get back to a huge rock shop in the Keweenaw Peninsula now that I know what I'm looking for in rocks. We're leaving today when Steve gets home from work. We'll drive maybe three hours today and finish the drive tomorrow.


  1. Yippe!!!! So excited for you! We can't wait to see it. It looks wonderful. I love the paint colors too. Can't wait to see the finished gazebo too.
    Have fun!

  2. Absolutely LOVE the colour you've chosen for the doors!