Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gazebo and Narkwor from Ghana

We made it into the gazebo just in time for our friends' visit from Madison and the Blues Festival! Look at this heap of sawdust on the floor.

We swept the sawdust moved our chairs inside and added a couple of little side tables. It's cute. The roof still needs shingling and the outside needs finishing work, but at least we were able to sit outside for once this summer!

Every year the World Press Institute in St. Paul invites 10 journalists from around the world to come to the United States for nine weeks to learn about US journalism and culture. The journalists come to Ely for a couple of days and they stay with host families. We volunteered to be a host family and got to spend a few days with Narkwor Kwabla from Ghana. (We called her Veronica, but that's another story.)

Look how Tansy schmoozes people into playing with her Frisbee!

Here is Diana from Columbia, Narkwor, and Steve at the potluck. We had fun conversations. I tried to impress Diana with my newly learned Spanish. I intended to say, "I am hungry." Instead I said, "I have a man." Both statements were true; however, saying, "I have a man" is a rather strange thing to say to someone you have just met.

We took a few photos today as we dropped off the journalists. This is Tao from China and Shakir from Kuwait. They were going canoeing for the morning and then off to their whirl-wind tour across the US. Safe journey, new friends.

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  1. Hahaha - I love the "I have a man" comment! Sounds like something I would do! And what a wonderful experience and great photos!