Monday, July 22, 2013

Random Tennessee Visitors and The Blueberry

Last year a couple from Tennessee pulled into the driveway and asked if they could tour the Scamp. I gave them a tour and then invited them inside to see my studio. Later that night they found me at the Farmers' Market and bought a bunch of stuff!!

The other day a couple pulled up and said their neighbors in Tennessee told them to find my house and stop by to see my studio. Too funny. They said they'd come to the Blueberry Festival on Friday to see more of my stuff. Next time that happens, I'll photograph the people who stop by and put them here so you can see them, too!

I've been busy in the studio getting ready for the Blueberry Festival. Here are a few cute rings I made from that Middle Eastern platter I found in Neillsville. The little stones are lab grown ruby, garnet, carnelian, and moonstone.

I used part of that platter on this piece, too. WOW!! Look at this amazing labradorite! Labradorite is the top stone that looks like the northern lights. The bottom stone is a Pietersite.

I got this funky, cool stone in New Mexico. It's a druzy chalcedony. It sparkles and looks like a rose. I made the chain from grey and cream Swarovski pearls and some silver tubing.

And, finally, here is a gorgeous ring that is on its way to Toronto. A woman there liked a similar ring I had made but she needed a different size. I was able to get the twin stone from Kamyab in Albuquerque after some back and forth photos.

This is just a tease of the pieces that will be at the Blueberry Art Festival this weekend. If you are in Ely (or make a trip to get here!) stop by. I'll be in booth #209.


  1. Lovely work! Spesh love the Labradorite and Turquoise!

  2. Fantastic pieces! I agree the Labradorite is GORGEOUS!