Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'll Miss that Necklace

Summer is in full swing now. We put the air conditioner in the living room window so when it gets beastly hot like yesterday (80's!), we can at least get the humidity out of the bedroom and living room.

I've been going to the Tuesday night market at Whiteside Park. And yesterday I was at the Miners' Dry building for an art show and sale. One of my new pieces sold yesterday. I'll miss it.

I suppose that sounds a little funny, "I'll miss it". These pieces are very personal to me, starting with the moment I find that stone. I went back to Taos Gems and Minerals specifically for the West Texas Agate stone in this necklace. It had been on my mind all week while I was working in the studio.

After I find the stone, it sort of talks to me. I mean, it lets me know what it wants to be. A simple pendant, a ring, or maybe a magnificent focal piece. Some stones don't talk for quite a while. And then all of a sudden, one day that stone jumps to the front and I turn it into something. Every bit of the process of making the piece is a memory in my hands. When it sells, there's a little bit of me that goes with it.

You know, I don't wear anything to the market that I don't want to sell. Some pieces live with me a little longer because I don't want to let them go yet.

Here is the newest necklace I made. This one is charoite and pearls.

See how the clasp works? I love fiddling with these clasp ideas.

I was at our local rock shop last week to buy beads. Look at these!

I found carnelian, jasper, moonstone, labradorite, tigereye, and the most gorgeous citrine beads I've ever seen. The citrine strand was expensive, $55 for a 12 inch strand. But believe me, they are gorgeous!

The studio is coming along. The electrician was here last week and now the insulation is in the ceiling and walls. Two of the windows were broken from the delivery, so only two windows are installed so far. It's getting closer now, though!

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