Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Very Cold Blueberry and Moving In

What a trial the weekend was! I set up my tent in the pouring rain and battled rain and wind and cold for two days. I had to call Steve in Saturday morning to re-secure the roof of the tent. Good thing I had a big metal grid, it was holding up the tent roof! The high temp on Saturday was 52 degrees and it never stopped raining. I wore my mukluks, expedition weight long johns, and had some hot broth in a thermos to keep warm.

The studio is ready!!! Well, almost. We want to wait one more day for the floor to fully cure. I'll be packing my metal stuff today and moving it in tomorrow! This is inside the studio looking toward the house. I finished staining the trim last night.

And here is the other side. It's not quite as yellow as these photos show, I took the photos in the evening.

Look at the floor! We stained the concrete with fertilizer and coffee. It leaves this mottled appearance that reminds me of old Italian plaster. Then you seal it with a concrete sealant.

The next trick will be to figure out where to put things. I'm going to have Wade build me a custom bench that is longer than my old one. I don't think the old one will fit over that 8' heat register and that's where I'd like to have my main table. The outside needs siding, but that doesn't prevent me from moving in!

Here are the guys pondering the gazebo design (from left to right, Ted, Wade and Steve).

Ted and Wade worked on it last night and here is what it looks like as of right now.

The lake was beautiful yesterday so we had a cocktail down at the dock. A float plane landed right in front of us and then pulled in to Packsack (the outfitter down the road).

Here it is taking off again.


  1. Love your studio! It's going to be an awesome place :)

    1. Thanks! I moved my "old" bench in today, it becomes my design table. Our friend is making me a new bench that will be longer. SO exciting!!!