Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Broke Ground for My Studio

Just before I left for Taos, New Mexico, Ted was over with his Bobcat and broke ground for the studio.

Then while I was gone they poured the concrete for the floor. That dirt patch is where our new, improved sidewalk will go.

My studio will be to the right of the little light fixture you see by the door. The roof will cover the whole cement area, so there will be a covered vestibule to enter either the garage or my studio.

Today the Menards truck is scheduled to arrive and bring all of the building materials. Yeah! We're also putting up a permanent gazebo. Last summer a big storm broke a branch of our maple tree and it landed on the screen gazebo, which made it very rickety.

While I was visiting Mom and Dad in Neillsville, Wisconsin, I came across this little display hutch that I bought for the Tuesday night markets. Look how cute!

I've been going to the Tuesday market again and it is really fun to be back in the park and see all of the regulars.

Also in Neillsville I fell in love with this silly bunny. He likes his new little perch by the wood stove.

I've been busy working on my new jewelry. I will show you soon some of the things I learned in Taos and how they have changed my work. I bought a LOT of stones while in New Mexico. They are fantastic and gorgeous. So much fun!

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