Monday, May 6, 2013

The Kess Gallery and A Visit from Ruby

My jewelry is now being represented in the Kess Gallery! The Kess Gallery is located at 130 E Sheridan Street in Ely, MN.

I have been working on several pieces of new jewelry - still in my tiny, little space. The ground is thawing and very, very soon we will break ground for my new studio!

Last week a friend's six month old puppy came over for a play date with Tansy. Her name is Ruby and they had a GREAT time! Yes, that was the snow from just a week ago! It's pretty much melted now. The ice is still socked in on the lake, though.

Steve was out fishing last weekend. No fish, but he crashed through the top layer of slush and had to pour the water out of his boots. He hung his liners out to dry on the ends of the clothesline pole. He asked me if I wanted to go ice fishing but I said the last thing that I wanted to do on the first 60 degree day was to put on my winter clothes and sit on the ice! There was still 25 inches of solid ice on the lake. Fishing opener is this weekend and we're not sure if the lakes will be open by then!

That's our raised bed garden in the background. Chives are up. We just pulled the mulch off of the garlic. I predict the garlic will be up by the end of this week. We just ate the last of last summer's garlic two weeks ago.

Red wing blackbirds are back! They come by the hundreds to the bird feeder. Sure sign that spring is really on the way! Oh, and we heard a loon! Poor things. No water on the lakes yet.

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