Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Every now and then I catch a little sign of spring. We still have the woodstove burning 24 hours a day and temps are still down in the single digits at night. But the sun is now too strong and high for that to hold out.

Here is a new pendant I made with a carnelian agate. It reminds me of the sun.

I bought some brass and bronze. This agate is set against brass. Here is another pendant I made experimenting with brass and copper. The little stone is a garnet.

Look at the back! I experimented with making my stamp on a separate piece of metal and soldering it to the back. I have an actual stamp being manufactured so that I will no longer stamp with one initial and then the other. Someday these pieces will show up at Antiques Roadshow and they will see the single letter stamps and say, "This is one of the early pieces. She only used those stamps for about two years and it's very valuable."

I also have been working on some rings.

Here is a necklace made from a recycled vintage serving platter. This platter was plain, so I textured it first. I added a bit of copper and then only put patina on the bottom part. I think it turned out really nice. Simple and clean.

I have more to show you, but they are not yet photographed.

Last night a contractor friend stopped by. We are discussing an addition to the garage so that I have a dedicated metalworking studio! My poor little studio space is very, very tight. I'm excited and a little nervous, too. I'll keep you posted.

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