Monday, April 22, 2013

New Tripod and Photo Shoot

We've been cooped up and feeling cabin fever big time this "spring". So after the 18 inches of new snow on Friday, we hit the road for Duluth on Saturday. We stopped at Best Buy. I was looking for a little CD player for my studio because my old one died. And then I came across a tripod.

We took our old tripod to Italy but it was confiscated at the Switzerland airport - they wouldn't let us take it on the plane. I haven't been using the big camera since then because there is no way to hold the camera steady to take good photos of my jewelry. Look at the photos that I took yesterday using the big camera and the tripod!

The necklace above is two Tigereye stones with some citrines for accent. I LOVE this one. The necklace below is Jasper with Labradorite and two little moonstones.

Look at the back of this one! You can see the recycled silverplate that I'm incorporating into even these high-end pieces. And that's my new stamp - the "SJ".

This is one that I redid. The old necklace just had too many flaws. It took just as long, or longer to take the old one apart and remake it into this one, but I guess that's good practice.

I took a photo of Sunday's photo set-up so you can see how it's done. I don't usually take photos from the studio window, but that's where the light was best at the time of day that I took the photos. See that I've used my ironing board as the "table"?

Have you noticed the random critters in some of my photos? Look at these little guys lined up and ready for action.

Here's hoping we have some snow melt. The way it's going, we'll have to bring our tip-ups and ice auger for spring fishing opener in mid May!

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