Sunday, April 14, 2013

Donation Painting, Flex Shaft, and New Studio

I am asked to donate to various organization fundraisers throughout the year. This fundraiser is for Ely Greenstone Public Art. They asked artists to use an 8x10 canvas to create something representative of Ely. I decided to paint a crappie swimming across the canvas. There will be an auction where these canvases are sold. I'll let you know when.

I got my new flex shaft this last week. A flex shaft is a tool that you use when you want to polish or sand or remove metal from your jewelry. It has a motor that hangs and a flexible shaft that spins whatever bit you put in the handle part. It's rather like a dentist drill! You can barely see it here - my poor little studio is so crowded. The motor is on the upper right in the photo.

I also bought a dust collection system for when I use the flex shaft. I had trouble back when I was using a Dremel tool with inhaling all of the dust it kicks up.

My studio space is now way, way, way too crowded! I have to shuffle tools around when I need them. I'm also still sewing in the same space. So guess what? We've decided to build me a real studio! We will build as soon as we can dig in the ground. It will go off the back of the garage and will be about 16 x 10 feet. It will be solely dedicated to metal work. Digging in the ground will probably be an issue for another month. Here's what it looks like outside. They've predicted 4 to 8 inches of snow again today!

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