Friday, March 1, 2013

New Purse Design

I've been playing in the studio with my new fabric. I decided to make a square bottomed purse and made a straight, asymmetrical flap. I love it!

I made one that is perfect for spring. It makes me happy just looking at this fabric. And look how pretty the fabric is on the back!

I made some pouches, too. These pouches would work great for pencils, pens, or organizing this and that.

These new things will be coming with me to Duluth at the end of the month for the Treasures of the Earth show.

Meanwhile, I'm working on setting up a showcase at the Community Center. I'm doing an "Introduction to Metalsmithing" where I will show the tools, metals, and process of metalsmithing. I'll take photos next week when it's up to show you. Here are a couple of photos we took last night showing me sawing some silverplate and using the torch.


  1. Shareeeeeeeee!!!

    I absolutely want to attend, so please let me know when it will be! The purses and pouches are adorable!

    Patty O

    1. Patty - If you are out and about, the show is March 23 at the Unitarian Church, 835 West College Street in Duluth from 10-3. I'd love to see you there! This show is fantastic. You will be amazed at the quality of the work on display, all recycled or natural products. --Sharee