Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mini Purses and Some Stones

I was really busy last week getting ready for the Treasures of the Earth show in Duluth on Saturday. It was my first show since Thanksgiving weekend. It was great to get out of town for a day; I sure needed a road trip.

I came up with a new design for a mini purse and they made their debut at the Duluth show. I took photos today of two that were left to show you.

They make a great extra pocket. I use mine for when I'm wearing a dress and just want my cell phone, mini-wallet (remember, I sell those in my necktie shop) and car keys. They also work great to carry a passport. I hate fumbling around for my passport at the airport; now I can keep it in easy, organized reach.

I just can't stop messing around with neckties! I decided to see if I could make the mini purses using neckties. Both of these are made using neckties as the body and an accent flap from a different fabric.

The one below I made from a sumptuous deep teal velvet fabric and then used part of a necktie for the flap. I like that these are using neckties without being blatantly "necktie". You know one of my favorite things is combining colors and textures. This has been great fun!

Next on the docket, I bought some GORGEOUS stones from Sparklequest. I have ordered a few stones here and there from other on line shops and have been a little disappointed.  Choosing stones for me is very personal and quite tactile, so ordering on line can be risky. These were a total hit! I can't wait to start working with them.

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  1. LOVE the mini purses and the stones are amazing! Thank you for sharing your incredible talents with this world! :)