Friday, March 15, 2013

I Could Smell the Woods

I was out skiing yesterday and when I came around the big island, I smelled the heady scent of deep pine woods. I stopped and just stood there. During a long, deep winter you don't smell anything. It's too cold and dry for smells. You know spring is on the way when the woods begin to get damp and you can smell the pines. Ahhhh. There we go.

It got up to 42 degrees yesterday! It's still going below zero at night, but spring is in the air! (Hey, that's probably where that expression came from! Someone smelled the woods for the first time at the cusp of spring and said, "Spring is in the air.")

I got back to metal work in the studio this week. I had this owyhee jasper stone for a long time and never figured out how I wanted to set it. I decided to use copper and mimic the shape of the "mountains". It's accented with silver.

Here's another one made with mookaite jasper.

Today my order from Rio Grande should arrive! I ordered some brass and bronze and a few more little gems like garnet and citrine. So exciting to have new stuff!

I also spent some time working on necktie purses. I need to do a few more to flesh out my All Things Necktie Etsy shop.

The other day we ate a lake trout that Steve caught. I stuffed it with shrimp and made a white wine sauce to drizzle over the top. It was the best thing we ate in a long time! He's going fishing again this weekend for more trout. They're a little hard to come by, but here's hoping luck will hold out.

I'll give you the recipe soon. I haven't been giving you recipes lately because we're eating differently and I'm working on getting recipes that are interesting and tasty.

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