Friday, March 8, 2013

Cabin Fever

I don't usually get cabin fever, but this year it has set in. The problem with cabin fever is that you just want something DIFFERENT.

The first thing I did was get my hair cut. Then Steve put highlights in for me. Good job, Steve! Big savings on the cost of highlights at the salon and it turned out really nice.

I bought a new place mat thing for the corner of the kitchen counter.

When everything you see day after day after day after day after day is white and grey, you NEED color! This little splash of new color in the kitchen was just right.

I sat here by the wood stove looking at the curtains with dust and soot on them from a winter of burning wood 24/7 and I HAD to wash all of the curtains in the house. Here are the porch curtains all fresh and clean. See my little splash of color with the green vase? Why is it white next to the curtain? Because there is snow outside. Will be for another month at least.

So then the curtains were off the windows (in the whole house) and I decided no time like now to buy a couple of buckets of new paint and paint the living room! I was sick, sick, sick, sick of the taupey, pinky, putty color that we've had forever and switched it to green and gold. (Still have to put the books back in the bookshelf. These are paintings I made, by the way.)

I liked the green so much that I decided to paint the whole room in the green with just the back wall accented in gold. The colors are a bit more vibrant than these photos show.

You might think it's awfully dark to put that deep of a green on the walls, but it makes the windows POP. And the curtains in the living room are white with white window trim. I know I'm smashing your image of me living in the woods. Our house is pretty streamlined and a bit contemporary, but just because I live in the woods doesn't mean I have to have woodland scenes and ducks and deer and moose on the walls.

Look at my view out of the front window right now. See any color? Nope.

What else have I done to combat the cabin fever? Bought new music - Nikki Minaj, Phillip Phillips, Dave Matthews Band, and Adele 21. I also got through 30 lessons of the Pimsler Spanish course. I also booked my next trip to New Mexico in June and booked a trip to Connecticut in October. We get to spend our anniversary this year in NYC!

Today I'm going to put the books back in the book case, cook a flank steak, work on a painting of WATER, and go for a ski when it warms up. Oh, and get my sewing machine back in order. I had to take it in for repair when it stopped liking to sew forward.

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