Sunday, February 3, 2013

Socks on the Dog and Pendants

It has been really cold. We had -33 the other morning. We waited until 10:00 to leave for a trip to Duluth and it was still -20. It's supposed to warm up in the next few days. We'll probably drag out the lawn chairs when it hits 25 degrees.

What to do in the cold? Put socks on the dog! She will let you do anything when she is tired. See the orange spot on her back leg? That's because she keeps standing next to the wood stove to look outside. She singed her fur. I scold her and tell her that she'll light on fire and burn the house down. She's waiting for it to be consistently 5 degrees above zero, too.

I have been working in the studio. Playing with fire is a sure way to stave off the chill. I LOVE this new turquoise pendant. Each stone is a turquoise. I found some fantastic, different turquoise stones on my last trip to New Mexico.

The back is really nice, too. It's made from recycling part of a silver plated serving platter.

I made a more "simple" one out of a different turquoise stone. (I say "simple" in quotes because there's really nothing simple about making it, it's just a clean design.) Isn't this turquoise interesting? There isn't any blue at all in the stone, it's mostly brown with a bit of green.

Here's a Lake Superior stone necklace. The grey stone is unpolished, and I accented it with a polished smaller stone and a copper wave.

This next one is actually easier to make with a single stone and a flat back on copper. I couldn't resist adding a nice copper wave at the top.

I have been pretty motivated to work in the studio, so more will be on the way. I promise to take photos of my ArtWalk window this week. Like I said, it should start getting above five degrees. I'll get some photos of the snow sculptures in the park, too. There are some really magnificent ones. Here's a sneak peek.

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