Friday, February 22, 2013

A Long Ski and Mookaite Jasper Pendant

Look what I got for Valentine's Day!

Such a nice, bright splash of color. We keep having these really, really cold days (like 20 below in the morning warming up to 2 or so). February has been super cold and I'm really ready for the balmy 20's for a change. We did have a nice day on Monday (even though there was a winter weather advisory). Steve had off and we decided to ski up to a lake in the Boundary Waters to catch some northerns.

It took one and a half hours to ski to the lake, hauling gear, of course. We followed the dogsled trail. Once there we had to go to the far side of the lake because everyone knows fish are never on the close shore.... The snow on the lake was almost knee deep. It didn't look as if anyone had even been in there this winter.

I made a fire by shore and stuck a stick in the snow to dry my headband.

I pack more clothes for an outing like this than I did for the whole two weeks in Italy! I bring an entire change of long-johns, three pair of mittens/gloves, two pair of extra socks, three hats, headband, neck gaiter  fleece sweater, warm jacket, and snow pants. I also pack a first aid kit, water, nuts, matches, foot warmers, headlamp, and our lunch. We had smoked polish sausage wrapped in tinfoil that I put on the fire. I made a hot broth out of my homemade stock and whisked in an egg and some cream in a thermos.  And that's just what I pack!

We carry two chairs, the ice auger, fishing equipment, minnows, and a Frisbee for Tansy. Steve brings boots (he skis in with his ski boots, but needs to switch to warm boots out there), a coat, fleece sweater, warm hat, extra gloves, socks, neck gaiter. In the fishing box we have extra matches, pliers, headlamp, knives, and more water.

This is all necessary for a couple of reasons. One is because we get sweaty skiing in that far and we need to get dry quickly once we stop. Another is because when we are in the Boundary Waters, we're on our own. There is no one out there - or at least not until you're back on the dogsled trail and hope a sled comes by. No motors are allowed, so even if you could call for rescue, they can't get to you very fast.

Here is Steve on the lake checking a tip-up.

Flags were popping, so we kept running through this deep snow to catch the fish. The fish were clever, though and stole a bunch of minnows. We ended up with four fish to bring home. Then an hour and a half ski out. We were beat! Tansy even slept until Noon the next day.

I did get into the studio this week. Here is a pendant I made. I used all sterling and fine silver. The big stone is Mookaite Jasper. It has gorgeous pink/red streaks so I added a red paua shell to accent the red and two citrines for fun.

Look at the back! I used part of a vintage serving platter (I cut the leaf out of the platter). I love using those platters even if it's just to make the back more interesting.

I've been working with my new fabrics, too. Today is supposed to be cloudy, so maybe I can get some photos this afternoon of the new bags.

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