Monday, January 14, 2013

Lake Superior Stones

It's a cold day, so I thought I'd take a few photos to show you some of the new Lake Superior Stone jewelry I've been making. These pieces will be in the Ely Artwalk the first two weeks in Ely - but you get a sneak peak!

First, you have to take a road trip to the Lake Superior shore. We live a couple of hours north of Lake Superior, but rock picking along the north shore is jaggy. The rocks along the south shore are smooth and round. Here's what the rocks looked like right after I found them along the south shore (like in Upper Michigan).

They spend about three weeks in my rock polisher to get shiny. Here is what they look like out of the polisher.

I started playing with combining the rocks and came up with this design.

Look at the back. I used recycled silver-plate for the backing. It makes the back look cool, too. I like the curve. It reminds me of a wave.

Then I took some rocks and piled them up into a pendant. I added a champagne colored cubic zirconia to give it a little sparkle.

Finally I had a rock that was so unusual. One side was granite, the other side was green. I saved this rock for a while because I thought it would be a shame to set it and not be able to see one side - both sides were just too good. After my last New Mexico class, I learned how to set stones differently, so I was able to make this pendant reversible. What do you think?

You could wear it either way!

Here are a couple more pieces that will go into the art walk. They are not Lake Superior stones, but I thought you'd like to see them. This one is turquoise and amber. Look at the back, too. I made the back of the turquoise out of silver-plate. I left the amber open so you could see through it.

And I finally set the stone I bought in New Mexico that reminds me of New Mexico. This stone is Sonoran dendritic royolite.

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