Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ely in the News and a Deer in the Compost

Ely has been in the news lately!

Here's a little clip about the winter festival which begins this Friday. The sculptors will begin sculpting on Friday and through the weekend. The sculptures last as long as the cold weather holds. (Click in the picture to watch the video.)

And guess what?!! If you were watching the Today Show on innauguration day, Ely made it into one of their segments!

And then there was a great story on the Channel 6 nightly news of my friend, Pamalot. She lives down the Kawishiwi and raises goats. She makes goat milk soap and scrubs. Buy some from her Etsy store! If you want to see the video clip, click to go to the Channel 6 story.

Today I was milling around and discovered a deer working its way over to our compost pile. Tansy saw the deer, too. Look how close the deer got! I should have invited it in for supper! (Tansy is in stalk mode even though she still has her Frisbee in her mouth. Lucky us she has never tried to jump the fence. I'll bet she could if she ever decided to try.)

I went into town this morning to help set up my jewelry for the Ely Art Walk. I'll bring my camera and get a photo for you for my next post. The whole city of Ely turns into an outdoor gallery during the winter festival. The businesses along Sheridan Street and Chapman street have their windows full of paintings, pottery, fiber arts, carvings, jewelry, and more.

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