Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cute Little Wood Stove and Rendering Beef Fat

Along with the new ice house, Steve got this cute little wood stove for Christmas to put in the ice house. He had just asked for the wood stove, but I thought it was silly to have a wood stove with no ice house. One of our friends thought that was a great trick and thought he'd ask for a snowmobile helmet in hopes of getting the snowmobile, too.

Here is the whole rig, see the pipe coming out of the ice house? We went ice fishing today at -6 degrees (that's -21 for you Celsius folks) and kept warm and cozy inside the ice house.

Tansy wasn't too sure about coming inside:

But our friend's dog, Chloe  really liked it! She's a poodle. (These photos were taken on Saturday when it was actually 18 degrees. Today Tansy came into the ice house to warm up.)

Here's me in my favorite winter dress! It's black velvet with a nice faux fur along the bottom. Tansy has thrown her Frisbee at my feet in hopes that I might toss it for her.

I've been meaning to tell you about rendering beef fat. We stopped in Wausau on our way home from Milwaukee to pick up some grass fed beef and pastured pork. I got a couple of pounds of beef fat (suet) that I could use to render into tallow. It was actually super easy! I first cut up the fat into pieces.

Then I put the pieces into my food processor and pulsed until they were crumbly.

I threw the whole lot into my crock pot and let it cook slowly for a few hours. It started melting right away. After an hour or two it looked like this.

And then after several hours I strained the fat through a cheesecloth and poured the rendered fat into pint jars. They are perfect!

Pecan crusted walleye cooked in this beef fat is FANTASTIC! Now that I know how easy it is to render, I'll be doing this some more.

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