Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Made it Home from Taos

What a week in Taos! I was there for another week-long silversmith training. I found some fantastic rocks in the rock shops. Now I have enough supplies (I think) to work in my studio all winter.

I found this rock and HAD to buy it. I might say it is my favorite rock of all time. I turned it into this pendant. (click on the photo to see the larger image)

The stone is called "Pietersite" which is a rare form of Tiger Eye. Do you see why I had to have it?

I made a bracelet for the first time. Might as well go ahead and make a rather complicated bracelet and set the stone on top of the ridges! This stone is "Spiderweb Obsidian". It's pure black with just a little sliver of white running through it.

I also made two rings. The teacher asked us to design a ring that is adjustable but the adjustable part needs to be part of the design of the ring. My first one is made with a bit of silver extending over the top. That sparkly top part can move to adjust the ring.

I made another ring, this time the side of the band is open, allowing for adjusting.

I'm so excited to get to work in the studio with all of my new rocks and new skills! I found a supplier in Albuquerque where I bought some silver, so start looking for actual sterling and fine silver in some of the new designs. Don't worry, I'll still play with my recycling of metals, but we'll mix a little sterling in here and there.

This is where I bought the Pietersite stone (and a lot more stones!)

These bits of copper were experiments during the day of forming and texturing metal. (Yes, that's my cocktail next to them - we were back at the condo looking over our day's work.)

Here is Carol working on her bracelet. She and I met last spring in the metalsmith class and came together for this class. We shared a fantastic condo in Taos. She lives in Silverton, Colorado and has a new website for her jewelry - Vivante Designs! Check it out here.

This was my work station in class. I was working on the pendant and beginning the design for the bracelet. We started designing on paper, then to a heavy tinfoil-like metal, then to copper and finally to silver.

And finally, as I was leaving Taos, there was a balloon rally! Too cool. I didn't stop long to watch it because I wanted to get to that big rock shop in Albuquerque - Kameyab Imports. $200 later I hopped the plane and made it back home. Watch for new, exciting things to come out of the studio this fall and winter!!


  1. Your work is fantastic! I love the pietersite piece! WOW!!! Sounds like a great time in Taos learning new skills. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Alisa. I couldn't believe that stone and just had to get it!

  2. All of your pieces are worth of praise, but the side opening ring gets my loudest praise. Bravo! Thanks for sharing your experience here.