Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jewlery and Venice

We're back from vacation! Poor Steve caught a really bad cold the day after we got back. He even called in sick to work yesterday, which he has only done once in five years!

I wanted to show you first a couple of pieces of jewelry that I've been putting in my shop. I've been fiddling again with photos and really like the new look. I've been sneaking critters in here and there. Do you like it?

Go to my website to see these and more. Later today I'll be photographing the rest of my necktie purses, so watch for those in the next few days, too.

Okay, Venice! (click any photo to enlarge it)

We flew on Lufthansa Airlines from Chicago to Dusseldorf and then into Venice. We almost missed the Chicago flight because there was an air show in Duluth and our Duluth plane had to wait until the air was clear. We RAN through the Chicago airport and made our flight by FOUR minutes. We loved the international flight. They even give you free beer and wine!

Here is me one one of the Venice streets. No kidding, this is what the streets are like. It feels as if you are in a maze. Well, actually, it is a maze! The streets are about four feet wide and the buildings are fairly tall. Every now and then you stumble out into a wider area or a canal. But this is what it's like.

Here is Steve on a different street. See, just like a maze! No worries, though, it's an island so you can't really get too lost. I mean, eventually you'd make it to the ocean.

This doesn't look as if you should walk down there, but it's an actual street!

I was surprised at how humid it was. I guess I never thought about all of that water and humidity. So even though the temps were in the mid to upper 70's, I got too hot! And we walked and walked and walked....

This is the living/dining room of our apartment. It was perfect, spacious, and what a cute balcony. We rented it through Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO). I'd recommend doing that, although you need to stay savvy with your intuition. For instance, if they ask for a bank transfer or something, I'd be a bit wary. (Okay, a lot wary.)

The most amazing sound is waking to the church bells. There are many, many, many churches and they all have bells, some have many bells, which they ring a whole lot in the morning and then periodically through the rest of the day. This is our balcony.

Here is a photo looking down from our apartment. Everyone hangs laundry in the streets, every day! We were in silly jet lag and just couldn't grasp what time it was. We finally got it after a couple of days. Venice is a fun place to be jet lagged.

You can't go to Venice without seeing the gondolas and the gondoliers. This photo is on the main canal, which is the widest waterway going through the city.

This next photo is a typical street not quite in the maze.

Here is the main canal in the evening. In the lower left corner you see the red and white striped poles. Those are where you find a gondola. We got a water bus pass and used that to travel up and down the waterways.

Pigeons are everywhere! One pooped on Steve's shirt. Good thing we had a washing machine in Siena. By the time we got to Florence, I actually ate a pigeon. They're good. It reminded me of eating wild duck.

This is San Marco Square in the evening. We steered clear during the day because it is the most heavily touristed spot in all of Venice. We actually stumbled upon it out of one of the mazes. Huge cruise ships able to fit the entire city of Ely pull up and all of the tourists tumble out and head to the square. Crazy. I've never seen such large people ships.

Evening by far is the best time to visit the square. We sat down and had a glass of wine listening to some wonderful music. Every time you order wine, they bring potato chips - heaven!

We started seeing sculpture everywhere. I LOVE these door bells!

This is what Steve looked like most of the trip. He had the big camera and ended up with 1024 photos (I took 340). But how can you not take photos? Everything is just so magnificent.

I'll leave this post by showing you my squid in its ink over polenta lunch. I tried it, I wish I had tried it in a better restaurant. It was good, but not great as I had expected.

My next post will show you Siena!

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