Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chianti Wine Country

I had a bit of a meltdown in Siena. You know where we live and how we live. It doesn't even take effort to not see people for days/weeks. So after Venice and then in Siena, I think it was just over-stimulation with all of the people and noise and city streets. We decided to book an 8-passenger tour to the wine country and get out of town. Ahhh.

I've been to the wine country of California. It's nothing compared to the scenery here. In California it all seemed stark, almost like tumble weedy or something. This looked like what the painters paint.

On the way we stopped at a medieval castle. Steve is standing on the castle wall. Inside the walls was a whole little town.

On the way to the farm we saw the pigs that they use to make prosciutto, salami  and other meats. These are some kind of special pig that is regulated and certified to be pure. They get to run around the vineyards.

Here they are curing parts. It takes two years of cure to get some of the meats.

And then we got to eat some as we began the wine tasting.

We toured the wine cellar prior to the tasting.

In the beginning of the process they taste the wine from every single barrel every single day. They had a lot of barrels. They primarily make Chianti wine. There are also some pretty stringent regulations on the Chianti and we learned what to look for to ensure we are getting authentic, certified wine. The symbol of the Chianti wine region is a rooster. I bought a rooster wine bottle stopper along the way.

Mmmm. Now this is good.

This is the room we were in tasting the wines.

I've never in my life seen a pomegranate growing. Look at this!

Steve loves kitties and they love him. Here's a kitty that stopped over for some petting.

We ended the day by stopping in a little, medieval town (where I bought my rooster wine stopper).

It was our favorite day of the whole trip. If we go back to Italy, we'll seek out these small towns and the countryside and maybe do day-trips to the larger places.

My next, and final Italy post will be Florence!

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  1. I really enjoyed your photos and comments. I too have been to the area, and like you, bought a Rooster wine stopper. Thanks for the post!