Thursday, October 18, 2012

And Finally, Florence

We said goodbye to Siena and hopped a bus to Florence. Our apartment was fantastic! It was our favorite of the three we stayed in. This one felt as if we were sitting outside on a porch. And we had 360 degree views of the city! This is Steve napping on the daybed.

Here is the apartment looking from the daybed to the back side. I'm on the stairs heading up to the loft bedroom.

This view shows the loft bed looking up from the daybed.

And here are a couple of views from the windows of our apartment.

We even got a rainbow!

Everywhere you turn there are statues and carvings. Florence is the center of  Rennisance Art. The big guns like Michelangelo and DaVinci and Caravaggio are all here. Here we are in line getting into the Uffizi gallery. We actually booked a tour to go in because I read that the lines are four hours long to just get your ticket! Then you have to wait in another line to get into the building.

But look at what you can see just outside the Uffizi.

Amazing sculptures. Just amazing!

I loved these lions just hanging out on the side of a building.

We took a break at the Uffizi in their cafeteria  Pigeons and little sparrows hop around the restaurants looking for scraps. They're pushy, too!

We walked to the river just to look around. What a view!

This next photo is looking toward the Ponte Vecchio bridge. There are shops all along the bridge selling jewelry. It was actually too overwhelming for me to really look at much. I actually felt as if everything was the same. We saw that in vendor tent stalls all over. Once you saw three, you've seen them all.

We did find the central market, which was pretty cool. Very strong smells of porcini mushrooms and meat. Every kind of part of the animal is available for purchase.

We finally found a restaurant that we really liked. In fact, we ate there two nights in a row. I ate pigeon the first night. It was very tasty, it made me want to catch those pigeons in the squares and cook them up. Here is the olive oil from the farm that owns the restaurant. We bought 5 liters of this oil to bring home.

Steve took 1024 photos and I took 340. These posts have just been a tiny taste of what we saw and where we went, but I hope they give you the highlights and flavor of the trip. If we did it again, we would base ourselves somewhere along the coast and take day trips to the bigger places. That way if we needed a break, we could turn to the ocean and relax.

Today I'm packing for a trip back to New Mexico. I'm going to Taos for a week to study more silversmith techniques. This time the focus will be on setting unusual stones and learning how to trap an irregular object in metal. I'll be back in touch when I'm back the week of October 29.

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  1. I so enjoyed your Florence posts! You brought back many memories, and created a longing to return. I would be interested in having info on the apartment you took, it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing
    I am so envious of your upcoming classes in New Mexico! I would so love to have access to that sort of thing...maybe some day. I will be looking forward to see your photos from there. Sherry