Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Work, a Bird and Naps

I have been goofing around in the studio and have been playing with the shapes in the vintage silver plated platters. Here are a few new works.

This next one is super cool. The rock is Cherry Creek Jasper, but it looks like birch trees - that's why I set the stone at that angle.

And I don't think I ever showed you the magnificent piece I made using Lake Superior Rocks. This pendant is made with sterling and fine silver. The little "rocks" were made by melting sterling silver.

The other day we heard a lot of chirping. We found the source in this baby bird fresh out of its nest. It was chirping for its mommy.

We took a little time out last weekend to go fishing. The weather was absolutely perfect! The temps have now been in the low 70's with lots of sunshine. We fished for a while and then pulled into shore, had a little picnic and took naps. Here is Steve on a nice bed of pine needles and our Mexican blanket. I snuggled in after taking the photo.

Tansy got to just run around chasing squirrels and stuff. She checked in on us periodically - this is on an island, so we knew she wouldn't go too far. She somehow lost her collar somewhere in the woods. I bought her a new one and all is well.

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