Monday, July 16, 2012

Sittin' on the Dock of a Bay

It's been really hot here again - highs in the upper 80's. I know that sounds like a relief for those of you further south, but still. Too hot for me. Good thing we have the lake!

I blew up our inflatable kayak. This isn't a little toy blow-up thing. I bought it from the manufacturer in
Czechoslovakia before we moved here. Check it out at this link. It's made of marine-grade rubber like the coast guard uses, so Tansy's claws won't damage it.

I put Tansy in it on Sunday and she did really good! We just went for a short ride. If she had flipped us, no big deal, it's perfect weather for swimming. She's such a strong swimmer now, I could just have her swim behind me if she hopped out for some reason. But she really does listen well and stayed put. Today I took her for a longer ride and she relaxed quite a bit more. Soon we'll be tooling all over the lake!

Here's Tansy after her stick. The photo is blurry, but she is moving fast! (See the stick in the distance on the water?)

I haven't posted much for recipes lately. That's because it's been too hot to cook! Here's what we ate the other night. My dad's venison summer sausage, rosemary Triscuit crackers, and chevre cheese on rosemary raisin crackers.

This morning I cut up a bunch of veggies for a salad tonight. It's been too hot in the afternoons to even cut up stuff, much less turn on the stove!

Even though I knew it would be too hot to work in the studio, I set up my new torch this morning. I have an acetylene tank and a Smith Silversmith torch system. My old micro-torch can get up to 2400 degrees, this new torch can go to 4800 degrees! Everything I do in the studio requires heat, though, so production is down. Good thing I worked so hard this last winter and spring. I'm ready for the Blueberry Festival which begins in less than two weeks!

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