Monday, July 2, 2012

Dragonfly and Rocks

We took the Scamp out for a little road trip this last weekend. We headed to the north shore of Lake Superior near Grand Marais. Here is our campsite.

We brought the portage boat along. Steve rigged the truck so that we could flip the boat and put it on top. We could never do that before because the bow is too curved and it would scratch the top of the truck.

This lake is very near Lake Superior, and the water was bracingly refreshing when we jumped in! As we were fishing, I caught a dragonfly! The fly hopped onto my line as it came across the water. Its wings were waterlogged and it spent some time drying them attached to my line. It then flew away.

Next, on to Lake Superior for some rock hunting. It was so hot in the full sun that we put on our bug shirts and pants and just walked out into the lake that way. I dunked my shirt in the lake and put it on wet. Not the most fashionable look, but I kept cool. The water is still so cold that your feet ache while standing in the lake.

We couldn't let Tansy swim too much because the water is so cold she started shivering after just two stick chasings.

We got back home and it was 88 degrees at 6 p.m. Ouch! Looking forward to winter. Tell me again why people like summer?

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