Friday, July 27, 2012

Blueberry is Here and so is Sherri!

I've been working since early February to prepare for TODAY! The Blueberry Art Festival begins at noon today and runs through the weekend.

A friend in town writes for the Ely Timberjay newspaper and wrote a really nice article about me and my art as a featured artist this weekend. I'm on the front page in full color! You must be a subscriber to the Timberjay to read the article, though. If you are in Ely, pick up a copy of the paper.

We went to the park last night to set up my tent and tables. I didn't bring any merchandise, nor did I bring any of the tablecloths. Good thing as we had some pretty heavy rains in the evening. During the practice run of the tent in the back yard we had some rain, so I'm pretty confident that it held up just fine.

My friend, Sherri, flew in from Connecticut on Tuesday to help me all weekend! I picked her up in Duluth on Tuesday evening. She trains horses in Connecticut at her place called Brush Meadows Farm. This is her on her horse, Noble.

We've known each other for a good 20 years. We met when she lived in Alaska and I was beginning dogsledding. She was my dogsledding mentor. We even won a race together, the Jeff Studdert Invitational Passenger Race back in the early 2000's. Our names are on the plaque in Mushers Hall at the Jeff Studdert Race Grounds in Fairbanks, Alaska.

If you are in Ely, stop by my booth! I'm Booth #209, the fourth tent in from the corner of 8th and Harvey. See you there!

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