Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Big Storm, a Circus, and Dental Tools

Last week on the 4th of July a big storm ripped through. We had just gotten home from fishing and decided to watch the storm from the screen house. Fun! Fun, that is until the winds got bigger and bigger and we made a mad dash for the house. Part of our maple tree fell on the screen house!

We cut the tree limb out and were able to cobble the screen house back together. It's a little rickety and we'll need to make some more permanent repairs, but it should still be able to get us through this horrid mosquito convention (I did mention that the mosquitoes hold their convention here, right?).

We had some friends visit us from the Chicago area over the weekend. There was a circus in town on Thursday evening! Rachel rode the ponies.

They also rode the elephant.

Their big top had blown down a day or two before, so they weren't able to use it for this show. The show was in the open air and I think it would have been a little better, more dramatic, inside a big top.

Rachel and Steve took a nap on the couch.

A while ago I asked my dental hygienist whether they ever throw out their old dental tools. She said they do and said she would save some for me. Here are my new tools!

These will come in handy when I have fine detail work to manage in my jewelry.

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