Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Same as it Ever Was and Rain

Here I am! I'm back to blogging on the Blogger site. I put a link on my website to point here for blog posts, so you can find me either way.

Why the move back? I like the interface for creating the posts here better. It's faster, you can save drafts, and photo uploading works better. I also like that there is a search button and the navigation to other posts works better. I also like that I don't have to re-size photos before publishing them (and you can click on them and they get bigger).

We've had rain, rain, rain. It's really a good thing given that we had a fire two weeks ago that almost hit Ely. Several homes were evacuated. We pumped up our Scamp tires in the event we had to flee. The fire crews were fantastic and all is well. This photo is looking southeast over the Lucky 7 gas station.

Look what happened to our dock in the rain, though!

In the past when we've had high water, we have had the dock float away! This time we tied it up just in case. Sure enough, I saw that a neighbor's dock has floated off! We have a "Dock on Wheels", so Steve attached it to the truck and pulled it out some. He then had to level the dock using a come-along tool. 

Tansy likes to help. She thought a stick might work.

We put our screen house up this weekend. Today's high is predicted to be 58 degrees, so I've been thinking about putting a fire in the wood stove. Maybe instead I'll make a rhubarb cobbler.

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