Friday, March 23, 2012

Fixated on Italy

We're planning a trip to Italy the last week of September and first week of October this year. We had planned to go last year for our 10th wedding anniversary, but the timing didn't work. I have booked the flight, booked an apartment in Venice for three nights, one in Siena for five nights, and now am agonizing over which apartment to choose in Florence for the final three nights (and our anniversary night).

I just get so fixated until it's decided and finished. It's that way with everything. Here is the dilemma. Apartment #1 is lovely and spacious, right down town, but we're having some trouble with payment due to them not having Paypal. Our bank charges like $85 to do a bank transfer. No way! Too expensive. And I don't want to just give our credit card number.... It has a teeny balcony which doesn't fit a chair.

Apartment #2 sounds pretty romantic. It's the top floor of a tower with 360 degree views from the windows. It's four stories up, the bathroom is the next level up and the bedroom is at the top (six stories in all). But it is our anniversary, and having that view of the city would be pretty spectacular.

And the final one on my short list is a tiny apartment (the bed is essentially in the "kitchen"), but it has this fantastic private terrace and is only three steps from the duomo (center of Florence).

I'm waiting to hear back from this owner and then will have to make the final decision. All of them are similarly priced. I guess it's a good decision to have to make. Each one has its pros and cons. Which would you choose?

Meanwhile, I'm still working away in the studio to get my inventory up for the Blueberry Festival. Do you think I'm being influenced at all by these Italy plans?

Fairly Gothic/renaissance looking to me! I'll let you know in the next post which apartment we finally choose.

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