Sunday, January 29, 2012

Industrial Sewing Machine

I did a whole bunch of research prior to choosing my new industrial sewing machine. I needed a machine that can sew through upholstery and other heavier fabrics. My new machine from last year just isn't suited to sew heavier materials. I chose the Sailrite 111 machine from a small company in Indiana called Sailrite. They carry heavy fabrics and materials to make sails and boating accessories as well as the sewing machines that can sew those fabrics.

My new sewing machine arrived in SIX boxes! I knew I was in for some assembly.

The company sent along a 2 1/2 hour DVD which detailed all of the set-up. I had to build the table, attach the motor, install the belt wheel and pulley, install the light (including wiring the plug), thread stand, and accessories drawer.

The actual sewing machine itself weighs 82 pounds! This is heavy duty. After five and a half hours, I was ready to try my first stitching in my studio. (See the beautiful winter wonderland outside the windows?)

Unfortunately, the belt was slipping to the right. I knew I  must have an alignment issue, so I started trying to adjust the pulley on the motor shaft. It wouldn't budge! It is supposed to come off with just your hand force - no tools. I started using tools to get it to move. Nothing. When Steve got home from work, he also couldn't get it to move, so we contacted the company. They are sending a new motor and pulley - it should be here by the end of the day Tuesday. Meanwhile, I can look at it and imagine my new projects!

I placed it in front of the windows in my studio. You can see my other machine on the left and my jewelry work station on the right. That's it. I won't be able to fit another single thing in my studio.

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