Friday, December 2, 2011

Cold Enough to Make Ice

I melted some more plastic and made a few more Kindle pouches. They are really fun! Check my Etsy shop often as I'll be adding more of these as I make them.

I'm almost out of zippers now and found this great wholesale zipper place on Etsy called kandsupplies. You can check out their shop at

We're finally getting some ice forming on the lakes. We even went below zero one night. That makes the hot tub extra fun! We have a hot tub outside that we run all winter. If it gets below -15 degrees, though, we don't go in. We found out you stick to stuff on your way back inside - like your hand on the doorknob or your feet on the steps. This is frost on the window.

People say this will be the best year in a long time for northern lights. The hot tub is the perfect place to view them!

Some friends are going ice fishing this weekend. We'll see - the ice should be okay on small lakes. I'll wait for the big guys to head out first.

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