Monday, December 5, 2011

Fun on My Birthday

Today is my birthday! I thought I'd show you some fun things I did today. First, I took Tansy out to the lake and threw her Frisbee. I could hear the percussion of her feet on the ice, though, and I didn't want to have to fish her out; so I mostly threw it up the hill on land. It's supposed to get to -12 tonight (that's -24 for you Celsius folks) so the ice should be safe enough. People have been out ice fishing and we even saw ice houses on one lake. Friends have been ice skating because there is only a tiny bit of snow on top of the ice. Here's our bay.

Next I got out a bin of neckties to play with.

I decided to make some cool mini wallets. When you open them, they have two pockets that can be used to carry your credit cards or metro cards or a little cash. I love them!

I have been working on figuring out how to bend spoons to make rings. Here's my first attempt.

Don't mind my craggy-looking fingers, remember, it's -12 around here! I used alcohol ink to put the color onto the metal. It's not working as I wear the ring today, the color is coming off, even though I put a coating over that. I'll need to figure out how to keep the color because I love it!

Then I went into town to show Dafne my new ring and my new mini-wallets. Here's Dafne with one of the drawings she's working on:

She showed me some more of her stuff in her other book.

I stopped to see Tara. She's opening a business called "Warm and Cozy Clothing Rental". She rents clothes to people who are visiting for dog sledding trips or visiting for any other kind of outdoor winter adventure. That's Oscar with her.

Tonight for dinner we're going to have a good bottle of wine and we're making pan seared salmon with garlic mashed potatoes. It's so yummy! We don't make it very often, so it's a real birthday treat. I'll take some photos and put the recipe in my next post.

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