Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Tree and Ice Fishing

Saturday we went into the woods to find our Christmas Tree. You can purchase a permit from the US Forest Service for $5 which allows you to cut a tree in the woods. We take balsam trees because they are fast growing and crowd each other out.

Sunday was gorgeous! Sunny and warm (upper 20's) so we decided to go fishing. Here we are heading out to the fishing spot.

I chose a spot out of the wind and in a warm patch of sunshine for my chair. The rug next to me is where Tansy can lay down if she gets cold. (She didn't get cold - too much to do!)

This is Steve and Wade figuring out Steve's new fish locator (Cloe is the dog behind them watching).

We had grilled things for lunch. That's Steve, Wade and the other Steve along with Tansy and Cloe.

After a while Wade's wife, Heather came by with a friend and a few dogs pulling them on skis.

It was a fun day, but no fish. No worries, though, we'll be out a lot this winter.

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