Sunday, November 20, 2011

Snow Sparkling like Diamonds

It has gotten cold and the lake has begun to freeze. This morning it was 7 degrees when I took Tansy out for her Frisbee and saw my neighbor checking the ice depth. He said it's about 2 1/2 inches right now, but for sure it's not uniformly that thick, so we'll wait a while longer before venturing out. I usually wait until I see a big guy out there.

I went back out this afternoon and it was like living in magic land. The sky was a robin's egg blue with the snow sparkling like diamonds. It inspired me to create a treasury on Etsy. Treasuries are collections of things you find and like. Here's my treasury:

I've been working at revamping my art show display. I had time to contemplate my display on Saturday and I decided it was too drab. I got some deep burgundy semi-gloss paint and painted all of my props. I worked at making a stepped jewelry display and I got a nice solid gold/yellow backdrop. So far it's looking much better! I'll take a camera with me on Saturday to get a photo of the revamped look.

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