Monday, November 14, 2011

Sitting in the Woods

I haven't written a post for a whole week because I've been in the woods all week trying to catch a deer. If you've read these posts for a while, you'll see that I mostly cook with venison, fish, or vegetarian. I really have a very hard time buying meat in the store. Oddly enough, I'd rather hunt a deer than buy a package of meat.

Look at how beautiful the frost is in the woods.

Spending hours and hours and days and days sitting in the woods is like taking a week off to meditate. I don't bring along "things to keep me busy". I just sit.

All of that sitting in cold temperatures is good practice for ice fishing. You know I've had trouble with my foot and it now has nerve damage. I never used to get cold at all, but now that foot has trouble. I discovered foot warmers! They work great. I ordered a package of 40 to get me into the winter season. My good foot still doesn't get cold so I just used the warmers on my bad foot.

I packed a backpack of things I would need for the day and then hiked into the woods. Once at my spot, I hauled out all of my warm gear from the backpack. I switched from my hiking boots to my mukluks with the toe warmer in one boot. Here are the mukluks I wear - they make them right here in Ely, MN at Steger Mukluks:
I used to hike in with these, but since my foot trouble, I wear my hiking boots to hike in and then switch to mukluks to keep warm.

Steve got a deer last week Sunday. I spent Thursday processing it into steaks, ground, and stew chunks. Here is my processing station ready to go. I listened to David Sedaris's book on tape, When You are Engulfed in Flames.

After all of those days sitting, watching, and waiting, Steve was able to fill my tag yesterday morning with a big buck. Later this week I'll process that and our freezer will be set for the winter.

I'm looking forward to getting back to my normal routine.

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