Monday, October 10, 2011

Swarovski and Apple Festival

I got a few new colors of Swarovski crystals and incorporated them into some reclaimed metal. This looks way more sparkly in person, but you get the idea.

We went to the Apple Festival in Bayfield, WI, this past weekend. I had always wanted to go and had visions of hay bales and apple trucks and farm fields with maybe a nice fiddle playing some fun music. I even packed our blanket and canoe chairs so that we could sit on the ground and listen to the fiddle music.

My imaginings were still intact as we passed this on the way.

But then the traffic stopped. Dead stopped. For oh, about an hour! When we made it to the edge of town, I got out to walk down to the festival while Steve found a place to park the truck. An hour later, he had made it to the other side of town (this town is only seven or eight blocks big!). I got stuck in a crowd of people who couldn't even move. It was 82 degrees! All in all, a recipe for disaster for us. Cell service was jammed, so in one of the messages that I could get to Steve, I told him I'd try to get out of the crowd and back to the edge of town where he dropped me off. An hour later he made it back through town and got me.

We were starved and we found this lovely little place in Washburn, which is 12 miles south of Bayfield.

The pizza was fantastic. I would have taken a photo of it, but we ate it almost before it hit the table.

At least we had found a lovely spot to camp on the way. There were maybe only two other campers in the whole campground and we got this beautiful spot on the lake.

We had some wine and relaxed. Next year we'll go the weekend before or after the actual festival. Here is the next morning inside the Scamp making coffee.

On Sunday we headed back home. Look at this fog bank covering the hills of Duluth!

Once we got over the hill we decided to stop for lunch at this wonderful sushi restaurant in a gas station. I'm not kidding! Velvet took me there last spring when we happened to be in Duluth at the same time. You really have to know this is there and that it's good. I hope they make it.

I have the Scamp sheets in the wash to hang on the line today and then we will tuck our little camper in for the winter. Here's to more Scamp adventures next year!

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  1. Hi Sharee,
    It is so exciting to be allowed to look into your charmed, far away country life! Funny that we had the parallel experience of an Apple Harvest Festival.....mine was at an old Stately Home, Erddig in Wales, last weekend.
    I love making German style apple puree, not in chunks like here in UK and slightly spicy with cinnamon.
    Kiki x